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Democratic DA Sues Sacramento Mayor for Ignoring Homeless Crisis

Sacramento County District Attorney Thien Ho is determined that California’s state capital doesn’t become another San Francisco, held hostage by left-wing ideologues who give free rein to the homeless. He’s suing the city of Sacramento for creating a public safety crisis and then ignoring it.

The number of homeless in Sacramento has increased by over 250 percent in the last seven years. “There are more homeless people in Sacramento than San Francisco,” he says.

“It’s not compassionate to let someone die in the sweltering summer sun or freeze to death…It’s not compassionate when someone in a wheelchair cannot use a sidewalk blocked by tents or a small business is forced to close forever due to repeated broken windows and vandalism.”

Ho’s lawsuit was filed along with a separate suit on behalf of business owners and residents. Ho explains: “Our responsibility as elected officials is to make sure that we keep our streets safe and clean. And frankly, that hasn’t happened for years.”

We will let you know if common sense for once prevails in California.

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