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Kamala Blames Fear of Climate Change for the Lousy Economy

Kamala Harris was asked why the economy is in trouble with home sales dropping to a 14-year low and mortgage applications at a 27-year-low. Here was her bumbling answer:

“Young leaders” suffer from “climate anxiety,” which she defines as “their fear about … whether they should have children, whether they should ever think about buying a home for fear that it might be wiped out because of extreme weather occurrences.”

How rich is this? So Biden and Kamala and the entire leftwing movement scare the bejesus out of our children with nonstop end-of-the-world indoctrination rhetoric on climate change. And then they wonder why millennials and Generation Xers are so paralyzed with fear that they won’t invest in the future.

How many times have we warned of the impact of the left’s over-the-top doomsday hysteria on our children? This is a bit of a replay of what happened in the 1970s when women tragically stopped having children so they wouldn’t contribute to the fake “population bomb.” Now their scare tactics are torpedoing the Biden economy. There’s some rough justice here.

As for us, we don’t suffer from “climate anxiety”, we have Kamala anxiety.

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