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Democrats in Pennsylvania House Allow Member to Vote Remote as He Flees Warrant for His Arrest

What is it about Pennsylvania? They keep electing eccentric people like Fetterman to high positions of power.

Here’s the latest bizarro story. Kevin Boyle, a Philadelphia Democrat has gone missing after a warrant was issued for his arrest over his violating a protection from abuse order.

Boyle, who is suffering from a mental health condition, had his security privileges revoked by House Democrats two months ago, but they have continued to “ghost vote” for him using a remote voting policy that was designed only to be used during COVID.

House Republicans say that while a warrant is out for Boyle’s arrest, he should be put on leave. Instead, on Wednesday the missing Rep. Boyle was allowed to “ghost vote” to let the Democratic Speaker keep voting on behalf of a fugitive from justice. The Democrats need his vote because they only have a one seat majority in the House.

This all sounds like a clear “danger to democracy” tactic that the left love to accuse conservatives of. Next thing you know Boyle will be chosen as the Democratic nominee for the other PA United States Senate seat.

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