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Is Biden the Real “Tariff Man”

Trump used to call himself Tariff Man, and as free traders that made us queasy to say the least. But as we’ve shown on these pages, Trump used tariffs as a weapon — often successfully — to leverage other nations to do things that were in America’s economic and national security interests. He famously challenged the European leaders with a deal that everyone goes to zero on tariffs.

But what is Biden’s trade policy? This week Biden called for a tripling of steel and aluminum tariffs and higher tariffs on China. He’s riffing off the very Trump policies he once attacked.

The steel and aluminum taxes are especially self-defeating because they make everything that is made in the U.S. with steel and aluminum more expensive. One study has found that steel and aluminum tariffs increase the production of those products by $2.8 billion a year while reducing downstream domestic output by $3.4 billion.

A new analysis by the Tax Foundation finds that Biden has actually raised more money from tariffs than Trump did. So just who is the real “threat to free trade?”

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