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Democrats Prefer a Government Shutdown Over 1% Cut in Spending

In yesterday’s HOTLINE, we laid out the case against a government shutdown:

But now it appears that House Repubs may be taking our sage advice and settling on the 1% across-the-board sequester of government agency budgets. We should be cutting program spending by 10% to 20% given that the federal government is LOSING $1.5 trillion in its operations every year. But incredibly, the Democrats say they can’t live with even a 1% cut in spending and so now they are the ones who may trigger a government shutdown:

The Axios story reports that Democrats are likely to block a clean CR that allows the 1% cuts to take effect:

All the more reasons for Speaker Mike Johnson to double down. Republicans should bring a clean continuing resolution on the floor, any Democrat voting against it would have to explain to the American people why they prefer a shutdown to a minuscule 1% cut to a budget even after they’ve added some  $5 trillion of new spending under Biden.

On the budget stalemate, Republicans may have flipped the table on the Democrats. They should take their case to voters: Democrats are so addicted to debt spending that they won’t even accept a teeny weeny cut of less $50 billion out of a $6 trillion annual budget.

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