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Political Scientists Rank Trump as the Worst President Ever and Biden as an Above Average President

Last year we glumly noted that academics’ ratings of presidents say much more about the leftist bent of university professors than the performance of the men who have occupied the White House.

This year’s ratings of the members of the American Political Science Association is one of the most divorced from reality yet.

The top 5 are no surprise (although our own poll of conservative leaders ranked FDR as one of the most overrated presidents.

        1. Abraham Lincoln
        2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
        3. George Washington
        4. Teddy Roosevelt
        5. Thomas Jefferson

It’s after that the wheels come off.

Joe Biden — who is arguably the worst president in American history — was ranked 14th BEST overall out of 46 presidents, primarily because of his ability to compromise (when?), great court appointments (!), and integrity (!!!!!). What planet are these scholars even orbiting? To our astonishment, Barack Obama is ranked as the 7th best president, Bill Clinton clocks in at 12th and even Jimmy Carter is in 22nd place. Obama and Clinton ranked HIGHER than the man who won the Cold War, defeated the Evil Empire, and launched one of the greatest American economic revivals of all time – Ronald Reagan.

Here’s the list of the bottom 5:

      • William Henry Harrison
      • Franklin Pierce
      • Andrew Johnson
      • James Buchanan
      • Donald Trump

That’s right, the almost certain Republican nominee in 2024 is regarded — in this survey at least — as the single WORST president in history.

All of this is beyond preposterous and the only grade we can give this work product of these blinkered scholars is a simple one: F.

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