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Democrats STILL Haven’t Learned Lessons of the Kennedy Tax Cuts

The national Democrats continue to denounce Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for his policy ideas and for exiting the party. The truth is the party that once stood for the principles of his famous father (RFK) and uncle (JFK) booted him out. As Ronald Reagan put it: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party; the party left me.”

As RFK Jr. explains his run as an independent: “I’m a traditional Democrat, and … part of my mission here is to summon the Democratic Party back to its traditional ideals,” Kennedy says.

Sadly, that party doesn’t exist anymore.

Back in JFK’s time, Democrats fought against socialism/communism, union and government corruption, fought for prosperity, lower taxes, civil rights, and civil liberties.

RFK says he learned from his uncle that “tax rate cuts incentivize growth.” JFK cut tax rates by 30% and almost all Democrats back then supported the measure. The economy and revenues exploded.

Today Democrats want to raise tax rates not lower them.

We don’t agree with RFK Jr.’s environmental positions, but we admire his courage in calling out the Democrats for fleeing from their former convictions. He’s right on half the issues – which puts him way ahead of most Democrats in Washington today.

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