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Alberta Invokes Sovereignty Clause to Block Canada’s Anti-Fossil Fue Regs

Wow! The populist revolt against central government lunacy and tyranny that we saw explode in Argentina is spreading. The province of Alberta, Canada has invoked the Canadian Sovereignty Act in defiance of zero-emission green energy mandates enacted in Ottawa. Alberta residents say these regulations will undermine their ability to produce electric power and thus their security.

We urge you to watch the video of our new hero Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, who in announcing the province’s intention to ignore the federal mandates, calls Ottawa’s attack on reliable fossil fuels “absurd, Illogical, Unscientific and Unconstitutional.”

(Why aren’t more American politicians saying that??)

Last year the western province passed a controversial law rejecting federal sovereignty. Now the fed-up citizens are acting upon it.

Alberta is a province with nearly five million people and a region with vast amounts of shale oil and gas. Energy production is the major economic engine of the region, and natural gas is what keeps the lights on. The radical environmentalists want to shut it down.

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