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Democrats Are Calling a Time Out on Crime and Violence in Chicago – But Only During the Coming Democratic Convention

Speaking of the rioting and violent outbursts on campus, liberals are terrified that the campus protests that have engulfed college campuses will haunt them.

The liberal Atlantic magazine warns:

The right always knows how to exploit the excesses of the left. It happened in 1968, when the campus takeovers and the street battles between anti-war activists and cops at the Democratic convention in Chicago helped elect Richard Nixon. Republican politicians are already exploiting the chaos on campuses. This summer, the Democrats will gather again in Chicago, and the activists are promising a big show. Donald Trump will be watching.

Democrats are scrambling to prevent the Chicago convention from becoming a repeat fiasco.

But they have a problem: For the last four years, the local State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx (who infamously bungled the prosecution of racial hoaxer Jussie Smollett), has boasted of her policy NOT to prosecute criminal violations tied to protests if her office deems those actions “non-violent.” As part of that policy, her office dismissed cases related to the mayhem in the city during the 2020 George Floyd riots involving disorderly conduct, unlawful gathering, burglary, arson, and criminal trespass.

But lo, Ms. Foxx is singing a different tune now that protesters are threatening to take to the streets and clash with the police as happened in the Summer of 1968.

Leftist rabble-rousers – from pro-Palestine groups to climate change fanatics to BLM militants, are threatening to ignore areas set aside for protests and provoke police into using force. Foxx has issued a memo that the hands-off policy on protests won’t be in effect — but just for the two weeks around the Democratic convention — when the national media are in town and America is watching.

Did they learn this trick from the CCP?

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