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Your Tax Dollars Are Paying for All this Campus Madness

If you’re as disturbed by the moral rot in our top universities as we are, you will find this headline based on an analysis from our friends at Open The Books is almost nauseating:

Where is all the money going? To mayhem in the streets of these very same  elite colleges:

Auditors at tallied the federal payments to Columbia and other elite universities in a five-year period from 2018 through 2022.

According to Open the Books CEO Adam Andzieski, “American taxpayers contribute more to these universities than the students and their families do through tuition payments.”

We’ve argued till we are blue in the face that student aid should be provided in most cases by the universities, not the taxpayers.

Columbia is exhibit A. The school “received $5.8 billion in federal contracts and grants during a period when their endowment increased from $10.5 billion to $13.3 billion (2018-2022).”

Why not just stop providing federal aid to colleges and universities?

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