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Does This Mean That Chinese Taxpayers Will Now Pick Up the Tab for Defending France?

Speaking of dingbat European leaders, French president Emmanuel Macron has been all smiles following his “triumphant” trip to China, which he says forged “closer ties” between these two nations.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs boasted in a press release: “Peace in our time.”

No, just kidding.

But the Ministry did blast out a headline reading: “China and France Aim to Build a Long-term Full Partnership.” According to the release out of Beijing: “France is the first Western country to enter into diplomatic relations with China.”

Our view is: They can have each other.

One grand irony of this new lovefest is that Macron and other European nations have been jawboning the United States for not doing enough to combat climate change. So now they are forging an alliance with by far the biggest polluter in the history of the planet? You just can’t make this stuff up.

The good news is now that France is consorting with our enemy, we know who our friends are. American taxpayers should no longer have to spend billions of dollars a year defending Paris.

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