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Don’t Worry About Inflation: More Windmills Are Coming

Government spending and deficits are the primary cause for the high inflation, so naturally Biden’s solution on how to bring down rising prices is to add hundreds of billions of dollars of more spending. The Biden spending wish list includes:

  • child care subsidies
  • elder care subsidies
  • payments to purchasers of electric vehicles
  • more unemployment benefits
  • aid to farmers
  • a new federal home-building initiative
  • investing more federal resources to create competition among meat and poultry producers
  • more green energy subsidies for windmills and solar panels

But don’t despair this will all be paid for by “asking large corporations and the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share.”

All that was missing from Biden’s inflation speech was the reprise of Jerry Ford’s WIN buttons: “Whip Inflation Now” and Jimmy Carter’s call for turning your thermostat down in the winter.

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