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“Fact Checkers” Challenge Trump Statements SIX Times More Often Than Biden’s

For years “fact checking” outlets like PolitiFactSnopes, and the Washington Post have leaned to the left when it comes to ruling on how “accurate” a statement is. PolitiFact has checked Trump almost SIX times as often as they scrutinize Biden.

Here’s just one recent example of the bias: Politifact awarded Biden a “Mostly True” stamp for claiming “the current spike in gas prices is largely the fault of Vladimir Putin.” Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler called the claim “defensible,” so it didn’t warrant any “Pinnochios” from him. Wait: 80% of the spike in inflation happened BEFORE the Ukraine invasion.

Earlier this month, Biden suggested we were sending missiles to Russia: “Before Russia attacked, we made sure Russia had Javelins and other weapons to strengthen their defenses…” False.

Biden lies and exaggerates routinely and gets away with it. This month he declared “This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that has existed in American history.” Reporters eagerly quoted the president without challenging his facts, with some praising him for being gutsy and blunt.

Maybe that’s because the media thinks Trump voters are as deplorable as Hillary and Biden do.

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