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End The Airline Mask Mandate

President Biden will likely loosen mandate and other Covid rules tonight. But what about the two year old federal rules on airline mask requirements?

All states but Hawaii have ended their statewide indoor mask mandates and the CDC has loosened its guidelines.

But Biden is facing union pushback. Flight attendant union bosses want the mandate extended beyond its current expiration on March 18.

Yet many flight attendants say they are tired of enforcing the mask rule and confronting passengers, and believe their job will get easier once the rule ends.

Aircraft cabins have first-rate air filtration and downward air flow. Vaccines and boosters are widely available. Passengers will always have the option of protecting themselves with well-fitting N95 masks even without a mandate.

Rand Paul has promised to force a Senate floor vote on the issue this week. If Biden hasn’t reversed course, that could be uncomfortable for Senate Democrats.

Ending the federal mandate would still allow airlines to decide for themselves if they want to require passengers to wear masks. That way Americans can decide themselves if they want to fly on planes with or without mask requirements.

Free to choose.

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