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Explain To Us Again Why We Shut Down Schools

We at CTUP were screaming this from the rafters after about day one of COVID. And now almost three years in, the CDC has released mortality data for 2020, 2021, and most of 2022 confirming we and others were right.  Children were NEVER at risk of dying from COVID. NEVER.  Hard stop. Congrats to our Covid expert Phil Kerpen for getting this 100% correct.

The idea that children were at risk was a science fiction that teacher unions manufactured so they wouldn’t have to… well, go to work and teach, but still, get a paycheck.

Please look closely at this chart.  Older Americans over the age of 65 were clearly at great risk of COVID during the first and second wave.  More than 85% of the COVID deaths were those over the age of 65 and the vast majority of those deaths were of seniors over the age of 75. But out of nearly a million deaths, only 733 were between the ages of 1 and 17.

Even those microscopic numbers are likely overstated. There has been no serious effort in the US to correct for over-ascertainment, which is a significant issue for younger age groups.

A new study from the UK found that 75% of “COVID deaths” in ages 0 to 19 during the Omicron wave were incidental. And almost all of the kids had other health problems:

Two takeaways from this. First, the next time we have a pandemic, avoid panic, PROTECT THE VULNERABLE as much as possible, and let all other Americans get on with their lives and businesses.

Second, COVID taught us that the unions are all about the money and couldn’t give two hoots about the wellbeing of our children.

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