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Governments Created A COVID “State Of Fear”

The House Republican majority is investigating the extent to which the government colluded with Big Tech companies to suppress information that questioned lockdowns and the real story of COVID.

All over the world, scandals are popping up on just how far governments wanted to shut down COVID debate.  In Britain, three bodies, including a mysterious Ministry of Defense unit, engaged in the surveillance and monitoring of citizens and media outlets who criticized lockdowns.

Laura Dodsworth, the author of the anti-lockdown book “State Of Fear,”  concludes “on one hand the government spied upon and censored free speech. And on the other hand, it deliberately frightened the population to be compliant.”

In Germany, the leaked “Panic Papers” have revealed that top government officials asked modelers to develop scary scenarios to force compliance with lockdowns.

Republicans are right: We need a full audit of the extent to which the National Institute of Health and the CDC worked to discredit and muzzle critics of the government’s tragically flawed COVID strategies.

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