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Exposing Yet Another CDC Lie: The Hospitals Were Never Overwhelmed

During his State of the Union address tomorrow, Biden is likely to call for a suspension of all Covid mandates, mask requirements, and lockdowns.

But the real scandal of the pandemic is why unconstitutional lockdowns ever happened in the first place. (Regular Hotline readers will recall that WE were opposed to all government lockdowns from the very beginning.)

To this day, the apologists for lockdowns argue that they were necessary because of hospitals overflowing with patients. Except for a few isolated cases, such as in New York in New Jersey in the early weeks of the pandemic in March/April 2020, the real hospitalization story has been UNDER-utilization of our health systems.

The official government data series do not go back far enough to allow pre-pandemic comparisons, but industry analyst Strata Decision publishes monthly hospital volume data benchmarked to 2019. There has still not been a single month since the pandemic started that npatient admissions or ER visits reached 2019 levels


And HHS’s own data is clear that COVID waves rise and fall without any significant impact on total inpatient census – the yellow line.

The state charts tell the same story. No shortage of hospital beds.

The government officials and the CDC lied to the American public. This not only inflicted huge damage on the U.S. economy from needless lockdowns of small businesses, which put millions of Americans in unemployment lines, but also the myth that hospitals become overwhelmed during COVID surges, endangered the health of Americans by stalling needed medical care, such as urgent cancer treatments.


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