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New York’s Feckless Plan To Stop Rampant Crime On The Subways

The NY subways are a warzone for crime. (Even Saturday Night Live is now spoofing the deviant underground world of the subway system.) In just the last few weeks there have been dozens of high-profile stabbings, drug trafficking, muggings, robberies, assaults. The New York Post reports that “hundreds of homeless people” are living in the subway cars, the stations, and the tunnels. Mayor Eric Adams complains that undesirables are “smoking, doing drugs, sleeping, and doing barbecues on the subways.”

Barbecuing on the subway?

Adams just-announced new crime prevention plan on the subways, but our friends at the Manhattan Institute characterize it as social welfare dressed up as law enforcement. The plan throws money into social service programs such as hygiene assistance, mental health specialists, and FIVE new “community-based homeless outreach” programs on top of the 11 that already exist.

We know this sounds old-fashioned, but wouldn’t it make more sense to simply enforce the laws and arrest lawbreakers?

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