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Fake News Headline of the Day

From the Sunday New York Times (of course):

To put the U.S. and China in the same category as polluters is an absurdity – like comparing Al Capone to a shoplifter. Pollution levels are roughly EIGHT times higher in China than in the U.S.

Even if carbon dioxide were a pollutant, this chart shows that while the U.S. has decreased its emissions, China has doubled theirs.


As for the idea that the U.S. is a major “polluter,” that is only because the U.S. is the world’s largest producer.  Few, if any, countries have reduced air pollution more than the U.S. in recent decades.

According to the Biden Administration’s own Environmental Protection Agency: “Between 1970 and 2020, the combined emissions of the six common pollutants (PM2. 5 and PM10, SO2, NOx, VOCs, CO, and Pb) dropped by 78 percent. This progress occurred while U.S. economic indicators remain strong. The emissions reductions have led to dramatic improvements in the quality of the air that we breathe.”

Finally, try not to laugh out loud when you read this statement in the New York Times article:

“China is known for setting targets and hitting them. It has already surpassed its goal ensuring the share of energy derived from non-fossil fuel sources 25% by 2030.”

Sure and then here is a chart that regular readers of the HOTLINE will recognize, as we’ve shown it before:

That doesn’t look like a country ready to reduce CO2 emissions.

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