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Where Have All the Children Gone?

You won’t find them in the dark brown states (states mostly controlled by Democrats).

The states that have seen an increase in the number of children (represented in blue on the map above and typically controlled by Republicans) are:

      • South Carolina
      • North Carolina
      • Idaho
      • Tennessee
      • New Hampshire

The states that are losing young children (or where adults aren’t having them) are:

      • New York
      • Illinois
      • California
      • New Mexico
      • North Dakota

Why are children hard to find?

A) bad schools,
B) the adults are afraid the planet is coming to an end,
C) liberals have less interest in family and having children,
D) high cost of living

And the answer is: E) all of the above

Now that the left is promoting policies of sterilizing young adults, we suspect this divide on children will continue to widen over time.

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