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Fingers Crossed: School Choice Might Not Be Dead Yet In Pennsylvania

As regular Hotline readers know, last month PA’s Democratic governor Josh Shapiro flip-flopped from favoring a $100 million school choice bill – to opposing it. He buckled to the teacher unions.

Shapiro said the bill was a dead letter because there weren’t enough votes in the House. Now there are.

Amen Brown (a Philadelphia Democrat who previously voted for scholarships before reversing in a hostage-style video) is back on board and calling for the governor to get it done:

My thoughts are straightforward. We need [education] options. I’m a supporter. I’m on record for voting for options when no one else did. So that vote came from understanding what’s going on in our communities…

We need to really weigh our options here. What’s more important? Are we really gonna put on hold the whole entire state because of $100 million [about 1% of the budget], or are we gonna say, you know what, okay, let’s take a step back and really weigh the options?

There is now majority support in both houses for a budget including scholarships to rescue poor kids from failing schools – if the Democrats allow it to reach the House floor and Governor Shapiro signs it.

Shapiro has been a laughingstock throughout the country for the last several weeks. He has a chance to redeem himself.

We’ll keep you posted.

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