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Meanwhile, PA’s House Majority Leader’s Solution To Failing Schools Is More Solar Panels

Here’s an indication of how looney the anti-school choice crusaders have become. Our friend Charles Mitchell at the Commonwealth Foundation in Pennsylvania reports:

“House Majority Leader Matt Bradford. who led the charge to block funding for Lifeline Scholarships in Pennsylvania held a bizarre rally in Philadelphia highlighting the poor quality of many of the city’s public schools—and vowing to keep kids trapped there. [Apparently, the failure of the schools is a reason to OPPOSE school choice!]

Rep. Bradford and company doubled down on the failed status quo, demanding more money, including installing SOLAR PANELS ON THE ROOF OF THE SCHOOLS.”

Reflect for just a minute about how demented this statement is. In Philadelphia, the vast majority of kids can’t read or write or do math at grade-level proficiency. Many kids can’t read or do math AT ALL! This is an all-hands-on-deck emergency.

And somehow the solution is to install solar panels? Sure, that will improve test scores.

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