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Former Health Official Admits to China Lab Leak Cover Up

Remember when the left went crazy when Trump called COVID the Wuhan virus? It was said to be a crazy Trump conspiracy theory. Now we have more evidence that the real conspiracy was covering up China’s role in the spread of this deadly virus.

Former HHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response Bob Kadlec admits conspiring with Anthony Fauci to downplay COVID China lab-leak theory.

“I wake up at usually about 2 or 3am and think about it honestly, because it’s something that we all played a role in,” Dr Kadlec says.

The confession comes, oddly, on an Australian TV channel – perhaps because it is not considered newsworthy by the US networks.

We’ll never know whether the panicked lockdown response to COVID would have been any better if the potential of a lab leak origin hadn’t been covered up. But the suppression of the lab-leak theory is just one of the many important things the elites got wrong: school closures, lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, monoclonal antibodies rationed for “equity,” etc.

Perhaps our health officials would have made fewer catastrophic mistakes if they hadn’t been so concerned with covering up that the virus may have come from a US-funded lab in Wuhan.

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