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Free Peter Navarro

If anything good can come of the absurd three-ring circus trial of Donald Trump in New York, it has highlighted the rampant partisan corruption of our justice system under Joe Biden.

Just last month, Trump’s economic advisor Peter Navarro was sentenced to four months in prison.

Why? Allegedly, for failing to testify against President Trump before a House select committee investigating Trump’s activities after the 2024 election.

Our CTUP team often worked with Navarro during policy visits to the White House. We didn’t always agree with his positions, and in some cases, we had dramatically opposite views on issues like free trade.

But Peter Navarro is not a criminal. He is a political prisoner. His real “crime” was to work in the Trump White House and provide policy advice to Trump. The Biden administration has turned the Justice Department into a weapon to intimidate and bludgeon their political enemies. Any of us who are “guilty” of working for the Trump administration are at risk.

This is a Fidel Castro-system of justice.

If this “round-em-up” tactic is allowed to stand, we could be publishing the HOTLINE behind bars as enemies of the state if the Biden administration continues. Don’t laugh. These people are deadly serious. And they are constructing an enemies list as we speak.

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