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Judge Throws Out Alaska’s Decade-Old School Choice Law

This is a dangerous court ruling that needs to be nipped in the bud.

Despite all of the progress we’ve seen in states passing laws expanding school choice, the education blob is busy trying to undermine existing choice programs.

The teacher unions won an initial success in convincing a liberal Alaskan Judge to strike down a decade-old Alaska law that allows parents of 24,000 homeschooled students to receive up to $4,500 in a school year to pay for approved expenses. (In remote areas of Alaska, homeschooling is often the only practical way to educate kids.)

Judge Adolf Zeman declared all such payments were an unconstitutional transfer of state money to private education. “Public funds are not to spent on private educations,” he ruled.

Governor Mike Dunleavy will appeal the court ruling. If the goal is to provide the best education possible, why not expand the funds to include private and Catholic schools that work best for parents and their kids.

The argument that payments to parents for their children’s education are an illegal subsidy to private or religious schools is flawed. “If the state, for example, created a program that was giving a monthly allowance to people to purchase food, no one would think that is a direct benefit for a specific grocery store, because the state doesn’t know how people are going to spend their money,” says the Institute for Justice. The people getting the “direct benefit” are parents and their kids.

It’s just more evidence that liberals prioritize the unions over the welfare of the children.

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