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From Our “You Can’t Make this S%#@ Up” Files: Biden Touts His Fiscal Conservative Record

Joe Biden is claiming to be a fiscal tight wad. That’s right the man who added $3 trillion of new debt spending last year and wanted $5 trillion more from his Build Back Better bill – and would have got it were it not for Joe Manchin – boasted yesterday that the federal government would pay down the national debt this quarter for the first time in six years. Hooray.

Except he failed to mention that according to Biden’s own budget, this year the debt will grow by another $1 trillion. The deficit is all because of the Biden spending blowout. Tax revenues are at a record high right now.

He also failed to mention he wants to borrow ANOTHER $1.7 trillion to “forgive” student loan debt and $30 billion more for Ukraine.

Other than that this President is a real skinflint.

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