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Gavin Newsom Election Strategy: Keep Counting Votes Until We win

Last week, we noted that key California races haven’t been decided almost a week after Election Day.

Governor Gavin Newson is now in danger of losing his signature Proposition 1 proposal to float $6.4 billion in bonds to finance new homeless and mental health programs. It is leading by just a few thousand votes so the Guv has issued an all-points bulletin: “We need help reaching out to *Democrats* who have had their ballots rejected…” Proposition 1 backers outspent their opponents by 15 to 1, so they have cash left over to urge California voters to “cure” their rejected ballots after they’ve been cast.

It’s noteworthy how oddly specific about contacting Democrats that Newsom is. Shouldn’t the Guv be calling for all rejected ballots to be reviewed? So that every vote is counted? How much different is what Newsom tried to do from Donald Trump suggesting that a Georgia Secretary of State from his party “find” 11,000 votes in the tightly contested 2020 Georgia presidential race? Donald Trump was indicted on those charges by a prosecutor who was slapped down for unethical behavior last week.

Mail-in ballots encourage unethical and shady behavior in counting. In 2020, election officials in swing states like Pennsylvania provided data about rejected ballots to Democratic activist groups while denying Republicans the same information. Liberals want to count and count the votes in any close election – until they are in the lead when they promptly want to stop counting.

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