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CTUP COVID “Lessons Learned” Study Is Everywhere

Our four-year retrospective chronicling the catastrophic mistakes made by the government during CTUP is gaining widespread attention.

Read the study here:

The year-long study brought together a team of health, education, and economic experts – headed by Scott Atlas of Hoover/Stanford, Steve Hanke of Johns Hopkins University, CTUP senior fellow Casey Mulligan of University of Chicago, and Phil Kerpen, president of CTUP lists the litany of policy failures – starting with the unforgivable and ineffective lockdowns of March 2024.

We estimate the costs of lockdowns were at least 10 times higher than the public health benefits. Fewer than 10.000 lives were saved but hundreds of thousands of lives were lost, while the economic and educational losses are in the multiple trillions of dollars.  And this doesn’t even include the cost of the surrendering of our basic civil liberties as Americans.

Never again is the message.

Here is a list of the massive media coverage so far:

The Wall Street Journal:

Fox & Friends:

Stuart Varney:

NTD/Epoch Times:


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