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Germany’s New Energy Strategy: Stop Whining, Put On A Cardigan Sweater And Keep Candles Nearby

Germany’s insane overreliance on wind and solar power and restrictions on nuclear power has put it at the mercy of Vladimir Putin’s gas supply chain. The government has announced harsh new energy restrictions as winter approaches.

Public buildings are being heated to a maximum of 66 degrees, with heating often turned off in entrances and corridors. Some apartment buildings are also seeing their temperatures lowered by landlords.

Private and public swimming pool heating is banned. Train passengers may have to wait as coal and iron cargo trains are given priority.

Voters have now been instructed by the politicians to keep their mouths shut. Wolfgang Schauble, who served as president of the German parliament until last fall, says Germans should simply adapt by wearing two sweaters and having candles, matches, and a flashlight ready for blackouts.

These are the very leaders whose green energy policies created the energy crisis to then turn around and tell ratepayers and taxpayers they have no right to complain about their shortsightedness. Time to burn Angela Merkel dolls in effigy.

All of this reminds us of the infamous anti-inflation “crisis of confidence” speech by Jimmy Carter when he recommended that Americans to turn down the thermostat in the winter and put on a cardigan sweater.

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