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Mass Transit Is Collapsing Despite Record Funding

Our new CTUP senior fellow, Wendell Cox, is one of the top demographers in the country. He has analyzed the latest Census Bureau report called American Community Survey, which reveals a tripling of working from home in 2021, while transit use dropped by more than half from the 2019 pre-pandemic rate.

Auto use dropped to the lowest point since before 1970, though remained the principal means of commuting. Among metropolitan areas above 1,000,000 population, San Jose, Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Raleigh, and Seattle all had work-from-home shares above 30%. All 56 metros more than doubled their work-from-home shares.

Transit commuting dropped to its lowest level in six decades of Census Bureau reporting (2.5%). Only the New York metropolitan area has a more than six percent transit share (19.0%). Today in America 10 times more Americans walk to work or work from home than use mass transit – which is now the transportation equivalent of the typewriter. San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Tulsa had the largest transit losses, at more than 70%.

Yet Biden has dumped tens of billions of dollars into transit systems that no one is riding. We need more roads, bridges, and highways and fewer empty buses and rail cars.

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