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Get Ready For $5 A Gallon Gas

The world price of oil hit $90 a barrel yesterday, which is the equivalent of about $4.50 a gallon at the pump when accounting for taxes and other costs. (Yes, we know in California and much of New York prices are already that high.) Now because of oil and gas reserves at low points, many energy market experts are predicting $100 a barrel oil soon. This would mean close to $5 a gallon at the pump in many states.

Biden keeps begging OPEC to increase its oil output, but how about producing more here at home? Under Biden we are down two million barrels of production a day.

We think this is all designed destruction. Biden wants America to go to zero oil, gas, and coal over the next 25 years and the way to do that is drive the cost through the roof. So why are they pretending they are opposed to higher gas prices? This is all part of the green plan – to save the planet.

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