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A Cuomo Comeback?

We are talking about Andrew, not Chris. It turns out the disgraced former NY governor left office with a campaign war chest of $18 million. A stand up guy would return the money to donors whom he fleeced. Instead, he has since been plotting how to use that financial war chest for a comeback.

Bloomberg News reports: “This is his full-time work these days, and he seems willing to risk what little political capital he has left to achieve that goal.” He’s reportedly thinking of running for Attorney General in the Democratic primary.

But the other scandal that led to last week’s firing of Jeff Zucker as president of CNN presents a thorny problem to the Cuomo clan.

Zucker failed to report a personal relationship with his deputy, Allison Gollust, whose previous job was communications director for none other than Governor Cuomo. Zucker and Gollust, alongside Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor, portrayed the governor as a COVID hero.

They also buried the story of the gov’s order transferring more than 9,000 COVID patients from hospitals to nursing homes. That contributed to the more than 12,000 long-term care residents who died of the virus in its first year.

Given his record of harassment, COVID failures, and deception it’s hard to see how a comeback is possible. But this is New York after all.

The Comeback Kid?

New York, NY – July 20, 2020: New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo makes an announcement and holds media briefing at Port Authority Administration Building at JFK

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