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Get Ready for Biden’s Plan to Double or Triple Your Home Energy Bills

The Biden White House has adopted a government-wide policy “to accelerate affordable, equitable, and efficient electrification of American homes, businesses, and transportation.”

In other words, they want ALL energy needs that power our $24 trillion economy to come from the electric grid.  Even an eighth grader should be able to recognize the dangers of putting all our energy eggs in one basket – if the grid goes down, we’re toast.

Energy expert Robert Bryce (who you should follow on his Substack: wonders whether the White House stole this idea from the New York Times, which recently declared “How Electrifying Everything Became A Key Climate Solution.”

Let’s heroically assume that we could create a grid system that will at least double or triple the power sectors’ capacity – which would be necessary to electrify our homes, our cars, our factories, our hospitals, schools, buses trains airplanes, cellphones…

The idea that the government could make this “affordable” for low- and middle-income families is straight out of a science fiction novel.

Bryce examined the cost comparisons from Biden’s OWN Department of Energy and found that homes using exclusively electricity for their heating, cooking, air conditioning, and appliances typically pay two to three times more than those that use natural gas.  Even heating oil is much cheaper.

So why transition America to far more expensive energy? Maybe they really ARE trying to destroy our economy.

The Department of Energy’s published numbers can be found here:

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