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New Looney UK Climate Change Plan To Leave Brits “Colder And Poorer”

We’ve warned these Stalinistic controls were coming, we just didn’t know it would happen across the pond before the craziness hit these shores.

From the Daily Mail:

The policy is endorsed by Britain’s PM Rishi Sunak, who is obsessed with achieving green targets by reducing energy demand at “peak hours.” This is a clear back door scheme to ration energy.

Craig Mackinlay, head of the Net Zero Scrutiny group of Conservative MPs, said: “This latest advice to freeze ourselves on cold evenings merely shows the truth that the dream of plentiful and cheap renewable energy is a sham.”

‘I came into politics to improve all aspects of my constituents’ lives, not make them colder and poorer.’

The government has responded that “homes will still be warm and families will save money.”

Right. Do you want to stay warm in your home in the winter? Get a parka.

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