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Good News: In Los Angeles County Doctors Fight Back Against Return Of Mask Mandates

The infamous non-doctor health czar of Los Angeles County, Barbara Ferrer, continues to threaten a mask mandate come January for nearly 10 million residents.

Recall that when she did the same this past summer, the top doctors at the county’s largest hospital (Los Angeles County-USC) refuted her doom and helped prevent the mandate from coming back.

They are back, and this chart and the accompanying clip say it all:

“Which winter doesn’t belong with the other winters? What’s going on in winter 2022? This is the week last winter things really took off and for the first three days this week the trend continues downward, which is the third straight week that would be true, and this is countywide.”

He went on to note that the hospital’s official COVID count – the only thing HHS and CDC report – is still 85 to 90% of people who are in the hospital for an unrelated reason who just happen to test positive.

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