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Good News: We May Have Reached Peak “Woke” In The Culture War

We’ve argued that wokism in America has peaked and the culture war pendulum is swinging back to a more sensible center.

The evidence is mounting that Americans are fed up with corporate America’s embrace of the left agenda, and here is some of the recent evidence as compiled last week by the Daily Wire:

“In recent weeks several major companies including Netflix and HBO have reversed some progressive, or ‘woke’ programs and policies in the face of consumer and political backlash.”

A couple of weeks ago, Netflix sent a memo to employees essentially saying that they run a wide range of programming and if people were offended by it to the point of making a fuss, perhaps they should work elsewhere. Last week, they slashed a number of diversity initiatives and released a controversial Ricky Gervais comedy special.

“HBO’s new boss announced the streaming giant was welcoming back canceled Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling for future projects. Rowling had infuriated the left with comments That were deemed “transphobic.”

Disney lost big time in its high-profile fight for “gender education” for 6 – 10-year-olds. Their stock prices plummeted, and their approval in polling went down significantly. They’ve backed down.

*State Farm Insurance dropped its wildly unpopular initiative to distribute LGBTQ books in schools, libraries, etc. to kids as young as 6 years old. Agents around the country reported that Americans began to cancel their policies. The program was abandoned.

These are just a few examples of the backlash. We are against government intervening in these disputes – as some Republicans like Josh Hawley endorse. Instead, what these victories demonstrate is that consumers have enormous power of the purse, and boycotts against companies that support leftism can be highly effective counterattacks.

JK Rowling arriving for the World Premiere of ‘Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt2’, Trafalgar Square, London. 07/07/2011 Picture by: James McCauley / Featureflash

Rowling’s been un-canceled!

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