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NPR Tries To Explain Why $5 Gas Isn’t Biden’s Fault

On Friday, National Public Radio offered up this lame explanation for high gas prices:

“How did gas prices get so high? Two main factors are driving the surge in gas prices: the recovery from the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Then the NPR reporter even regurgitated the mega-myth about Biden doing “everything he can to reduce gas prices,” and “calling on U.S. oil producers to ramp up drilling.”

At the risk of repeating ourselves for the hundredth time, the Biden administration and the climate-change fanatics WANT high gas prices so people will use less of it.

Why can’t they just admit it?

Our friends at the indispensable American Energy Alliance have identified – count ‘em – “100 initiatives” enacted by Biden to RESTRICT American oil and gas development. These range from canceling pipelines to taking hundreds of thousands of prime drilling lands offline.

And the media has conveniently forgotten the last presidential debate when Biden admitted to Trump that he would want to “close down” oil production “because the oil industry pollutes.”

Now suddenly he’s the industry’s biggest advocate? Sometimes we wonder whether these people actually believe a word they say.

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