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Green Activists Now Advocate Jailing Climate Deniers

The Reuters Institute is in charge of a six-month climate change indoctrination course for journalists who are on sabbatical. We’ve noted before this program is funded with seven-figure contributions from leftist foundations.

So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the “scholars” who “teach” at these sessions are almost all climate fanatics.  One of them is climate hysteric Saffron O’Neill, who has just been appointed a member of the “faculty.” She has suggested the need for “fines and imprisonment” for anyone expressing skepticism about “well-supported” science. Does she mean the kind of “well-supported” consensus of shutting down the economy and the schools during COVID?

We used to think these crazies were best to be ignored, but increasingly the green movement is the modern-day Spanish Inquisition driven by religious fanatics who won’t tolerate skeptics or debate.

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