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Claudine Gay: Just Another Victim of Racism

Claudine Gay, who resigned yesterday as Harvard’s president, could have gone out with a touch of class. She could have shown a hint of remorse for her serial plagiarism (50 documented cases) and her catastrophic performance testifying before Congress – both of which disgraced herself and Harvard.

But there was no apology for – and we’re giving her the benefit of the doubt here – her pattern of academic carelessness and her impolitic antisemitic remarks. Everyone makes mistakes.

Instead, she voiced no regrets. Instead, she pitifully opted to play the race card, as is an all-too predictable reflex of progressives when they get trapped. She writes in her self-congratulatory resignation letter that “it has been distressing to have doubt cast on my commitments to confronting hate and to upholding scholarly rigor…and frightening to be subject to personal attacks and threats fueled by racial animus.”

Huh? Her “commitment to upholding scholarly rigor”? REALLY? Is she expecting an apology letter from those who exposed her addiction to scholarly fraud?

In some ways, we’re actually sorry to see Claudine step down. She and Harvard deserve each other.

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