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Guns, Not Criminals Are the Latest Public Health Emergency

Have you noticed that every liberal policy is now a “public health emergency”? We predicted that COVID would create a precedent for government lockdowns, and this tactic would be used as an excuse to combat every latest “emergency” from climate change to exploding crime and murder rates.

So right on cue New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham (a lockdown governor during Covid), has now invented a public safety exemption to the Second Amendment to suspend the concealed and open carry of handguns for 30 days to stop escalating crime rates in the state.

Except gun restrictions for law-abiding citizens don’t work. Never have. In almost every American city, you’ll find two things: strict gun control regimes and out-of-control violent crime. They co-exist because the politicians who run those cities (mostly Democrats) blame the violence on everything but their lax law enforcement policies – which now include serious efforts to defund the police.

Once again, the left refuses to follow the science.

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