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Save Our Cars

There is a real danger that one or more of the elements of Joe Biden’s war on internal combustion vehicles will succeed. Between massive subsidies for buyers of electric vehicles, taxpayer-funded charging stations, direct payola to manufacturers to shift production lines, fuel economy rules that amount to EV mandates from the EPA and NHTSA, and the waiver letting California ban internal combustion vehicle sales… well, it’s a lot.

The House is voting this week on a bill to block states from banning internal combustion vehicles. Such bans are an obvious restraint on interstate commerce, begging for federal preemption. Some Republicans are reportedly skittish, but they shouldn’t be. Without cars and trucks – how can there be much interstate commerce at all?

We’re pleased to announce that CTUP has joined a massive coalition of free market groups organized by our friends at the Institute for Energy Research to push back:

The Save Our Cars Coalition is a group of national and state-based organizations committed to safeguarding American consumers’ freedom to choose the car or truck that perfectly suits their needs. 

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