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Headline Of The Year – And Maybe The Decade

Global coal use hits all-time high
IEA report

According to the analysis:

“In 2022, high natural gas prices led to significant fuel switching to coal in electricity generation in Europe, although both gas and coal generation increased as the growth of wind and solar was insufficient to fully offset lower hydro and nuclear power output.”

Coal power generation will rise to a new record in 2022, surpassing its 2021 levels. This is driven by robust coal power growth in India and the European Union (EU) and by small increases in China – and it comes despite a decline in the United States.”

In simple English, what this profoundly embarrassing report is telling us is that because of the left’s lunatic war on the production of natural gas – one the cleanest and cheapest forms of electric power generation –  the price of natural gas surged in 2022 in almost all parts of the world. As a result, “a wave” of businesses and homeowners in Europe and elsewhere moved away from clean burning gas to more competitively priced alternatives – chiefly, coal – even though coal is dirtier. Coal use is also up because the left also hates nuclear power, which emits close to zero greenhouse gases.

In other words, despite spending hundreds of billions of dollars subsidizing fringe energy sources like wind and solar power, the world is nevertheless burning record amounts of coal.

Never before in world history has so much government money been spent/wasted to accomplish the precise opposite of what was intended – i.e., a lower carbon atmosphere. It’s like they grabbed the football and ran into the wrong end zone.

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