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Media Disparages Argentina Soccer Champs for Being Too White

Congrats to Argentina for winning the World Cup on Sunday – the ultimate sports prize for national pride.

But in an effort to spoil the celebration, the Washington Post wrote an extensive story headlined: “Why doesn’t Argentina’s team have more Black players?” It noted that other South American countries such as Brazil had teams with far more Black representation.

(Given that Argentina won the cup, we can’t help wondering if the Washington Post is implying that blacks are worse than whites at soccer!)

La Libertad Avanza, a conservative political coalition in Argentina, had the perfect response. It noted that the country had less than 150,000 Black people out of a population of nearly 50 million and its soccer team didn’t meet “woke” standards “because we are a country, not a Disney film.”

You would think that a reporter for the Washington Post would at least check the demographics of a country before screaming RACISM!

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