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Here We Go Again: Dems and Media Whip Up Hysteria on GOP Budget Cuts

Just as we predicted last week, the PR offensive coordinated by the White House and a compliant media regarding “cruel” GOP budget cuts to the safety net, is now in high gear. Here’s an all-too predictable headline from Reuters this weekend:

According to the story:

“Food banks across the United States are straining to meet spiking demand as high food costs and shrinking federal benefits drive scores of Americans to depend on free groceries, just as Republicans seek to narrow access to food assistance.”

Wait what “food aid cuts” are they talking about?

You have to read about halfway down the story to discover that they are referring to imposing work requirements for most of the 11.4 million food stamp recipients – a policy that about 80% of Americans SUPPORT.

How is that a “cut”?  There are roughly nine million job openings, but 11.4 million Americans getting free groceries. Only about half are working.

Work requirements in the mid 1990s worked beautifully: they led to a big decline in welfare costs, a big increase in low income people working, and a REDUCTION in poverty.  The news story never mentioned THAT.

By the way: Reuters reports that “demand at food banks is up between 46 and 125% since last spring,” and that “visits to food pantries are as high or higher than they were at the height of the pandemic.”

Wait, we thought Biden has been boasting about how well the economy is doing?

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