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Hispanics Loved The Trump Economy

Hispanics shifted big time to the GOP in the 2020 election and the Wall Street Journal did a good job explaining why:

“The social constraints [among hispanics] that were once a barrier to voting Republican have eroded, in large part because the strong economy during much of Mr. Trump’s term caused many Latino voters to give the party a second look.

‘You had a set of Latino voters who weren’t especially partisan and who had seen it as socially unacceptable to vote for Trump in 2016,’ said Carlos Odio of Democratic-aligned Equis Research, which conducted surveys and focus groups to understand the shift. ‘My friends and family will be mad at me if I do this.’ You need a justification to do it.’

‘The economy, the issue on which they trusted Trump, unlocked the door to embracing him,’ Mr. Odio said.”

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