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Why Is Biden Holding Back Treatments?

After zero Regeneron shipments for about ten days, HHS quietly authorized them to start again yesterday, allowing small state allocations.

The shipments were stopped because the product is believed not to be effective against the Omicron variant, and the CDC has project that Omicron was already dominant everywhere in the U.S. but the CDC now admits that it has overestimated Omicron cases and underestimated Delta.

So the Biden policy of stopping shipments of Regeneron has been an unforced error that has denied needed treatments – especially in areas where Delta is still dominant.

Florida is sensibly demanding a full restoration of Regeneron shipments, which they will target to Delta cases:

The Delta wave is declining but is far from over. And it appears the US death curve is following the Delta curve.

Recall that in the summer, the Biden admin sharply slashed Regeneron shipments to southern states for what they called “geographic and temporal equity,” which is liberal for stockpiling for the north in winter. Now they are refusing to give states medicine they need.

More evidence that the feds are not the solution and the NIH and CDC bureaucrats may be doing more harm than good. Government monopoly purchasing and distribution of medicine is a disaster.

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