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House Buffoons

The leading horse in the race for Speaker of the House is changing by the hour, and it is making the Republicans look like the gang that can’t shoot straight.

Our hope — now that Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise have been foolishly voted down — is that Jim Jordan of Ohio will be the next speaker. But a gang of moderates are now saying they will vote no – and that could prevent him from getting to the magic number of 217. The chaos caucus is spreading in the House like a virus.

Our view: it’s time for ALL House Republicans to rally behind the solid ideas Jordan has  championed his entire career.

No dissents.

Total unity.

As we wrote a week ago, this is a time of great peril – all the more so because we have an incompetent and dangerous president. Don’t be distracted from that for one more day. Biden is the clear and present danger to fiscal sanity and our national security.

Jordan is a full-fledged fiscal conservative. He’s pro-growth. He’s a tough-as-nails blue-collar Ohioan. He’s been amazing as Judiciary Committee chairman – and the investigations into Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and the overall corruption of House Democrats have been masterful.

If the Republicans aren’t smart enough to rally and unite, they don’t belong in the majority.

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