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Why Seniors Should Hate Bidenomics

CTUP co-founder Steve Forbes lays into the drug price control provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act:

Only liberals would say the IRA – which raids some $280 billion in projected Medicare drug savings to fund the likes of costly new electric vehicles, solar panels, and expanded insurer subsidies – somehow protects Medicare…

So, in typical fashion, liberals are now seeking to double the number of drugs subject to government price “negotiation” in Medicare and expand their failures into the private insurance market. Doing so could also double the number of new life-saving medicines that don’t come to market, impacting not just seniors but also millions of other chronic and rare disease sufferers who hold out hope for the next breakthrough.

Few of these patients and their families will see much in the way of savings or take solace or benefit from the added government and corporate revenues that would result by expanding this disastrous law.

But hey, isn’t Bidenomics great?

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