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How America Can Retaliate Against OPEC And Putin

The Saudi oil sheiks and Vladimir Putin are all smiles that their cartel strategy is working: they’ve driven the world oil price up from $70 a barrel to $87 a barrel this week.

This higher oil price is a multi-billion-dollar income transfer, or a “tax” paid to OPEC nations and Russia while the rest of the world — particularly the United States — pays the ransom.

A major reason for the price hike is that OPEC has cut production by one million barrels a day, while the Russians have cut production by 300,000 barrels.

We feel like pulling our hair out. This nefarious plot by OPEC is SO easy to foil. We at CTUP have just crunched the numbers and we find that the Biden war on American energy has reduced domestic oil production by roughly THREE MILLION barrels per day from where we would be if we stuck with the Trump pro-drilling strategy.

This means our additional domestic drilling would be producing twice as much oil as the OPEC/Russia have cut.

We could easily reduce the price of gas at the pump by $1 a gallon with a pro-America energy strategy.

If this isn’t the dumbest American policy ever – we would hate to hear what’s dumber.

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