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How Does This Guy Still Have His Job?

This headline puts Mayor Pete in the running for America’s most out-of-touch government official, which is a tough competition:

Here is Mayor Pete, our Transportation Secretary, reminding us that he knows nothing about transportation:

Let’s be clear, the automotive sector is moving toward EVs and we can’t pretend otherwise. Sometimes, when these debates happen, I feel like it’s the early 2000s and I’m talking to some people who think that we can just have landline phones forever.  Uh the reality is the automotive sector is moving toward EVs and the US can either fall behind China or we can claim the lead. President Biden wants to make sure that those EVs are made in America as more Americans choose EVs.

Will someone please inform Pete that EVs account for (at most) 10% of new auto sales? Tesla just reported a decline in quarterly sales. Does this sound like an industry blowing the ceiling off the top of the new car showrooms?

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